20cm Welsh Slate Clock


SIMPLE SLATE CLOCK.  A square Welsh slate wall clock with an engraved face.  Featuring  the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 and a series of dashes representing the remaining numbers of the clock

  • 20cm x 20cm 
  • Hand cut Welsh Slate
  • Grey or Heather (colour)
  • Riven texture
  • Battery powered quartz mechanism
  • Built in bracket for hanging
  • Silver or gold coloured hands
  • Engraved slate clock face

NB Image with full numbers face is made using Welsh Heather Slate and is shown to reference the colour only


To make these clocks we use Welsh Slate, be it Welsh Grey or Welsh Heather.  Welsh Slate is generally regarded as one the finest slates in the World.  It has been used for centuries on all kinds of buildings, including the likes of St Pancreas and Kings Cross Stations, Buckingham Palace, as well as Number 10 Downing Street.  In other words, this is a prime quality material.  It is typically 5.5mm thick, though it can be up to 7mm, with visible graining and texture to the surface and edges. 


Welsh Grey Slate is typically a dark grey colour with visible veining on the surface.  Occasionally Welsh Grey contains small elements of pyrite, also known as fool’s gold.  These inclusions are naturally occurring and in no affect the quality or durability of the slate.

Welsh Heather Slate has a plum/red tone and generally a smoother surface texture than welsh grey, with minimal evidence of veining.  Welsh Heather sometimes contains small mineral deposits, which are green’ish’ in colour.  Again, these are naturally occurring, cannot be removed and in no way affect the beauty of this natural material.  


We buy our Slate ready split, from the quarries in North Wales.  We cut each piece to size using a traditional hand guillotine.  This method of cutting produces what is known as a dressed or feathered edge.  In other words, the finish is rustic in appearance.  Once we have cut the slate to size, it is washed, then oiled, then engraved.  After that, we drill the hole for the mechanism and fit this along with the clock hands.  Since we don’t make the mechanisms and hands, each fully assembled clock is tested for a minimum of 24 hours before being despatched.


If you are buying this item as a gift and would like it sending directly to the recipient, please let us know by filling out the NOTE section at checkout.  If you would like us to include a message with the item please tell us your message in the NOTE section at checkout.  For gifts being sent direct, no invoice details will be included, and please double check the mailing address for accuracy.


Wherever possible we use paper or cardboard packaging.  Of course we have a duty to do our bit for the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring our products arrive undamaged.  Where we find it necessary to use alternative packaging, all of it can be recycled so please do your bit too. 


We send all items via Royal Mail or Parcelforce using a Signed For service.  Shipping costs are determined by the size and weight of the item ordered, however you can choose whether the item is shipped first or second class.  Shipping costs for multiple items on the same order will therefore be determined by the total weight and size of the packaging required to ship.


Apart from an occasional dust, there is no required aftercare with this product.  However, a few points to note.  When changing the time, it is imperative not to rotate the hands, since this could result in damage to the mechanism.  Before inserting the battery, we suggest wrapping a small piece of ribbon around the battery, so when it needs changing it’s easier to remove.  Similarly, a thin piece of paper works well too. 


All measurements are approximate.  Even though we take every care to make each item to the dimensions specified, slight variations are possible and should be anticipated.


If you would like a Slate clock making in a different size please get in touch


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