About Us

Original designs, individually made

Slate & Oak, established 2012 is a lifestyle brand based in rural Nottinghamshire. We specialise in a range of engraved slate and oak, for use in and around the home.  Each one of our products is carefully crafted using a variety of materials, all of which are carefully sourced from British suppliers, and selected for their quality, durability and character.  Whilst we use some modern technologies in making our pieces, most of the work is completed by hand, using traditional methods that have been around for centuries! 

Our core materials

Working with raw materials that have natural characteristics, enable us to present our products in such a way that you can recognise the raw material from which it is made, but equally can appreciate the transformation from it’s original state.  Our approach to design is simple; we like to create stylish, yet simple products. They must be pleasing to the eye, and above all, practical in a traditional or contemporary home.

Personalisation Service

One of the advantages we have as makers, is being able to Personalised our pieces. Sometimes the Personalisation is very subtle, sometimes a bit more of a statement but whichever it is, what sets it apart from any other piece is that it is truly unique and a one-off.   Personalised items are usually given as gifts which shows the recipient that real thought has gone into selecting the item and the message that conveys. We are more than happy to work with you to produce that extra special piece, and to adjust our designs to suit your needs. Just tell us how you want the finished piece to look and that’s what we will deliver.

Bespoke Design Service

If you are looking to commission your own design, made to the dimensions and specification you require, then please get in touch. Over the years we have worked with numerous clients to help them bring their idea to life. The process usually starts with a rough sketch which we use to produce a proof of your design. This initial proof can then be amended as many times as necessary until you’re happy we understood your brief and we can then forge ahead with the making process. Commissioned pieces tends to have particular poignance for the client and so it is a real honour to be invited to take on these projects.