After care is important if you want to keep your purchase in good order. Here are our simple to follow guidelines on how to keep your Oak or Slate in tip top condition. If you have any questions relating to this information please do get in touch

Oak Food Board Maintenance

In order to keep your board in tip top condition, and to extend it’s lifetime follow these guidelines. If a surface wipe is not enough, then place your board in the sink, and allow the water to run over the surface whilst scrubbing clean with a brush or scourer. Pat dry with a tea towel or piece of kitchen paper and store on it’s end to dry naturally. Do not place it on an aga or radiator to dry. When your board is looking pale and dry it’s time to re oil. Drop a small amount of oil onto the board and rub it in with your hands and remove any excess with kitchen paper. Allow to dry naturally

What type of oil?

Prior to despatch every oak food board is treated with several coats of white mineral oil, sometimes referred to as butcher’s block oil. We use this type of oil as it has no taste, no smell and no additives. Oiling the board gives improves it’s resistance to staining, and oiled wood absorbs less moisture, therefore reducing the risk of cracking or splitting. We do recommend that you continue to condition the board, though it is not essential to use white mineral oil. In other words, any type of oil that you would cook with, or drizzle or your food is good for use in conditioning your board. The only word of caution is that some oils, for instance, olive oil does have both a smell and a taste so over time, your board will take on this smell and taste.

Oak House Signs Maintenance

Oak House Signs are treated with OSMO oil. Initially the OSMO Primer, followed by OSMO UV Protection Oil.

Oak Swings

The Oak swing seats are treated with OSMO oil. Initially the OSMO Primer, followed by OSMO UV Protection Oil.

Slate House Signs

Slate House Signs are much less onerous of our time and generally respond well to an occasional wipe or wash down. Each Slate House Sign is sealed with a matt varnish so as to protect the masonry paint used to fill and colour the text. Naturally the sign will weather over time and the matt varnish will become less protective. Depending on where the House Sign is sited will determine how the sign weathers over time.

For clarification or further guidance on how to look after your Oak or Slate please do get in touch