Daisy print lampshade


Drum Style Shade for lamps or ceiling lights


DAISY print lampshade.  These handmade linen lampshades are made using natural undyed linen which has been digitally printed with our design.  A perfect accessory for any traditional or contemporary style interior.   

  • DRUM style
  • 7 sizes
  • White or Copper PVC Lining
  • Natural linen base fabric
  • Digital print, designed by us
  • Suitable for LAMPS or CEILING lights                                
  • Available in various heights*
  • Fit standard British and European bulbholders


The drum shades are measured in terms of their diameter and height, as follows

  • D20cm – H16cm
  • D25cm – H18cm
  • D30cm – H20cm
  • D35cm – H22cm
  • D40cm – H24cm
  • D45cm – H26cm (on request)
  • D50cm – H28cm (on request)

Since we make each shade to order, we can adjust the heights.  So, if you would like your shade making with a different height please get in touch.  Likewise, if you would like some advice or guidance about the most suitable size shade for the setting, please drop us a line.  Sometimes, varying the height of the shade can alter it’s visual size when in situ.  For instance, a 40cm drum shade made to a height of 18 or 20cm can look as big overall as a 50cm drum.  However, if you are uncertain about a different size and already have a shade in situ, we recommend sticking with the same dimensions.


To make these DRUM shades we use a natural linen base fabric with a digital print design.  Linen is a natural fibre and therefore has texture within the weave and interest in the slub of the fabric. The lampshade rings and fire retardent PVC lining are manufactured in the UK and have all been tested and passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association.  


We individually make each lampshade to order.  Our first step is to prepare the piece of fabric in prepartion for applying the pvc.  Once we have attached the pvc lining we then roll the shade to form the drum shape.  After the rolling is complete, the ends are turned over so as to create a neat finish on the inside of the shade.  The edges are all turned by hand, therefore, producing a consistent finish all the way round.  


If you are buying this item as a gift and would like it sending directly to the recipient, please let us know by filling out the NOTE section at checkout.  If you would like us to include a message with the item please tell us your message in the NOTE section at checkout.  For gifts being sent direct, no invoice details will be included, and please double check the mailing address for accuracy.


Wherever possible we use paper or cardboard packaging.  Of course we have a duty to do our bit for the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring our products arrive undamaged.  Where we find it necessary to use alternative packaging, all of it can be recycled so please do your bit too


We send all items via Royal Mail or Parcelforce using a Signed For service.  Shipping costs are determined by the size and weight of the item ordered, however you can choose whether the item is shipped first or second class.  Shipping costs for multiple items on the same order will therefore be determined by the total weight and size of the packaging required to ship.


We recommend using a lint free duster on the inside of the shade and most importantly, a soft brush for the fabric.  If you are using a hoover attachment on the outer fabric, be especially careful not to snag the linen.   Should you need to clean the fabric we recommend spot cleaning only and always with a solution suitable for linen.  Equally important to take care not to rub the fabric as this is likely to cause pilling; in other words bobbling.


All measurements are approximate.  Of course, we take every care to make each item to the dimensions specified.  Nevertheless, a few mm difference is possible and should be anticipated.  

Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant.  A characteristic often associated with linen is the presence of slubs.  These small, soft, irregular lumps occur randomly along its length and consequently mean variations in the fabric.   Slubs are considered part of the aesthetic appeal of this natural product.  Furthermore, slubs do not compromise the integrity of the fabric; on the contrary, they are viewed as a natural characteristic, not a defect.  Because of these characteristics, slight variations in colour and texture should be expected.   


If you would like a handmade linen lampshade in this design making in a different height please get in touch


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Additional information

Weight .7 kg

15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm

Fitting Type

Lamp, Ceiling


charcoal, red

PVC Lining

copper, white


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