Solid Oak Coat Rack with Cartridge Caps

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Another must for the field sports enthusiast

  • A coat rack made from a single piece of oak, fitted with spent cartridge cases as hooks
  • ¬†Measuring approx 40cm x 10cm
  • Fitted with 4 12 gauge cartridge case hooks
  • 4 drill holes for mounting
  • Finished with danish oil

The cartridge cases protrude approx 2.5cm from the oak plaque and are filled with dowel for extra strength.
Please note that we collect these cartridge cases from our local shooting ground so it’s a lucky dip as to what we get.
You have the choice of BRASS or CHROME caps but not a choice for the plastic casing.
As you will see from the image there is minimal plastic showing, nevertheless it can be seen
If you are particular about the colour of the plastic casing we recommend you get in touch prior to ordering.
These coat rack can be MADE WITH YOUR CARTRIDGES if preferred; please get in touch if you would prefer this option.



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