Solid Oak Swing



Treat yourself and indulge in the delights of one of our Solid Oak Garden Swings.  Available as a Monkey Swing or a Traditional Style, in various sizes, all of which can be Personalised.

  • Seat made from a single piece of solid oak
  • 18mm manilla rope
  • 3cm or 4cm thick seat
  • Choice of sizes
  • Options for engraving

Traditional swings have a rectangular solid oak seat, and a single length of manilla rope at each end.  The seat is made from a single piece of oak with 2 holes drilled at each end for the rope to pass through.  The rope is threaded up from the bottom and spliced so far up, leaving a single piece to wrap around the branch or frame.  The rope is 18mm manilla and each side has a length of 6metres as standard.  If you feel you need extra length, don’t worry, you can add as much as you feel is required.  Extra lengths of rope are charged by the metre.  Usually a length of rope wrapped several times around the branch is adequate, however, we also supply brackets for fixing if required.

A Monkey swing has a square solid oak seat and a single length of manilla rope passing through the middle.  The rope is knotted on the underside of the side.  Designed for small bottoms where the legs go either side of the rope.  In our experience, Monkey Swings move in all directions, as opposed to just back and forth, they’re great fun and a perfect starting point for youngsters.  If you are looking for a Monkey Swing then click here to order

The swings come in a range of sizes with a choice of inscriptions and the option of having it Personalised.  The engraving can be done along one or both long edges of the swing or indeed on the seat or underside.

If you are considering buying one of our swings please be sure that you have a strong enough tree or frame on which to mount the swing.  We strongly recommend seeking professional guidance on how to make sure your swing is properly secured before being used, as we accept no responsibility or liability in connection with the use of our swings.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg

50x25x3cm, 50x25x4cm

standard engraving

fly me to the moon let me play among the starts, somewhere over the rainbow way up high, I'm having it Personalised

extra rope

None, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m

personalised engraving

1 side, 2 sides, I'm having standard engraving


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