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How do I look after my chopping board?

It’s a question I get asked lots and many people think having a solid oak chopping board means lots of maintenance to keep it in good condition. Well, you be pleased to hear that it’s an easy task and as long as you remember these 3 vital points then you’ll be on the right track.

1. Don’t leave your board immersed in water
2. Don’t try to force dry the board, i.e. putting it on an aga top or a radiator
3. Remember to keep your board nourished, i.e. oil it when required
The following video shows you how to nourish your board and how to tell when it needs oiling

Oiling your oak boards

Making a drum shade

In this short video I’ll demonstrate how to complete the initial stages of making your own drum shade, including trimming the pvc lining, setting the fabric to ensure the design is central, creating the sealed edge and taping the shade ready for rolling the rings. The next steps, how to complete the process, will be shown in another short video, coming soon. If you have any questions or are interested in a Lampshade Making Workshop please do get in touch

Making a drum lampshade